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Posted: 07 Dec 2018

In Riksbyggen's Housing Association (Brf) Viva in Gothenburg a unique system is being tested, where energy from solar cells on the rooftops of the buildings is stored in used electric bus batteries from Line 55. The energy storage creates flexibility in energy consumption and the power peaks of the buildings are cut. The energy storage also helps to streamline the surrounding power grid in the city. The project is a cooperation between Riksbyggen, Volvo, Göteborg Energi and Johanneberg Science Park.

Posted: 03 Dec 2018

Things are moving fast for the island’s capital, with announcements in November 2018 of 50 new electric vehicle recharging points, seven new electric buses and a bioclimatic building. Beyond announcements though, Santa Cruz is diligently working ensure these projects are taken up widely by citizens and create the ambitious economic and environmental sustainability desired.

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